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Thrive has been helping construction executives better manage their projects, resources, and financials on one open, easy-to-use platform.


With Thrive gaining a deep understanding of your business and combining that with Procore’s ability to streamline communication by connecting field to office on a single, mobile software platform. Providing your business the ability to operate in a single construction team environment.

Thrive has partnered with Procore to make use even easier for businesses. Procore’s intuitive design and Thrive’s commitment to helping you integrate it into your businesses seamlessly means that you can focus on your projects whilst having the confidence your software is helping you make smarter decisions.

Thrive are experts in integrating accounts departments with Procore in a customised solution. We understand every part of Procore’s impressive offering and can set up and onboard your team so you hit the ground running.

Reliable Project Management Software


Project Financials

Minimise risk, maximise profits, and manage change as it happens with a financial tool built for the field.

Invoice Management

Get paid faster with collaborative billing for stakeholders, accurately bill for work completed, and automate invoicing.

Accounting Management

Seamlessly connect to your back office's trusted accounting system for real-time access to job costs and profitability.

Project Management

Mobile collaboration tools are built for the field, making it easy for everyone to have a clear understanding of what needs to get done every day to stay on schedule and prevent rework.

Tender Management

Save time throughout the tendering process with features that let you easily filter search results and quickly add tenderers. Seamlessly distribute information, collect tenders, and track coverage all in one place.

Field Productivity

Monitor progress in real time, identify at-risk scopes of work, and act fast to make decisions that positively impact project schedules, budgets, and profitability.

Thrive and Procore working together to streamline your information flow


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