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Micropay payroll software

Australian payroll professionals need to remain compliant, competitive, and in control. Thrive work with you to understand if MicrOpay – a modern payroll software solution that is accountable for every step in your payroll process – is the right solution for you.

Drag- and-drop functionality, keyword searching and customisable shortcut keys enable rapid data entry in MicrOpay. An unlimited number of user-defined fields can be created to suit your needs and there is no limit to the number of records that can be produced.

With forward thinking features that can be customised to any business, the need for extensive compliance knowledge is no longer required. MicrOpay and Thrive will work together to personalise your payroll processes into an accountable, track-able and innovative software solution.

Reliable Single Touch Payroll Software


Personalise your preferences

You can even personalise the look and feel of Sage MicrOpay to reflect your preferred style. Drag- and-drop functionality, keyword searching and customisable shortcut keys enable rapid data entry.

Superannuation-related transactions

Sage MicrOpay is efficient at handling Australian superannuation-related transactions and contributions to multiple funds.

Leave management

Sage MicrOpay includes a User-Defined Leave function that can accommodate your business’ specific leave requirements. Create an unlimited number of different leave types with ease and enjoy the flexibility of assigning each its own accrual method and termination rules.

Multiple pay frequencies

Sage MicrOpay enables different pay dates for multiple groups of employees on the same pay frequency.

Comprehensive reporting and analysis

Clear, easy-to-use reports can make all the difference when responding to queries or distributing important information such as remittances to super funds.

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