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IPM Construction Management

IPM Construction Management Software

IPM Construction Management is a scalable and fully integrated Project Management software for construction, engineering and project-based industries. IPM is a highly Customisable Project Management system.

IPM Construction Management delivers a 360 degree real-time view of projects, job tasks and operations – combined with extensive reporting and back end financial information.

With IPM you get extensive Functionality out of the box but if you need something a little different, you can tailor your Construction Management and Operations system to your own requirements. Use Power Apps, Extensive Workflows and Customizable screens to get what you need on your PC’s and Mobile devices.

IPM Project Management was developed with users in mind so that it is quick to learn and easy to use making it the project management software tool that staff will want to use.

Key Features

Contract Control
Resource Managment
Planning & Forecasting
Document Control

Who Does It Suit?

Home Builders
Property Developers
IPM Contract Control

Contract Control

IPM makes Contract Management easy with better access to project data, quick links to contract information and a streamlined process that optimises the letting of a contract. By utilising the Outlook® integration, project managers can create, send and receive Change Requests, Change Orders and Subcontract Change Orders all from the one location. Risk can also be significantly reduced with built in work flow rules preventing common administrative errors associated with contract management.

Resource Management

Depending on the type of projects being managed in IPM, there may be a need to record resource usage. Resources can be people classified as employees, materials or equipment and IPM Timesheet functionality facilitates the recording of resource hours by resource and day of the week. Timesheets can be sorted by either resource or job and can be copied from week to week. Users can also complete their own individual Timesheets in the My Timesheets section, which can then be grouped together with other Timesheet entries to create Timesheet batches for the job.

IPM Resource Management
IPM Planning & forecasting

Planning & Forecasting

The Job Tasks Progress view is a powerful scheduling tool that creates a dynamic visual representation of every job within a project. Using an interactive Gantt chart, the Job Tasks Progress displays scheduling data, budget and costs information and detailed forecasts. With the IPM Job Tasks Progress view all of the project information that you need to see is right in front of you. 

When you’re working with complex projects or have multiple projects on the go, the Job Tasks Progress view gives you a comprehensive picture of everything you are working on. In a single screen you can view and edit the start and finish dates of tasks and jobs, view budget allocation details, view cash flow reports – all in real time.

Document Control

IPM ensures that every Submittal sent and every response received is accountable and accessible from within the Submittal record. IPM automatically tracks incomplete Submittals through a user-definable status system.

Once a Submittal has been recorded, it can be viewed and retrieved instantly, along with the associated email communications. Search functions can also be used to search for all related communications. Both individual and system-wide workflows can be created by authorized users to facilitate follow-up processes.

IPM DOcument control
IPM Mobility cloud


IPM Mobility is a cloud based solution that gives you the option to mobilise any IPM function and customise screens to be designed around a user’s profile. For the greatest flexibility, create multiple user profiles and can give certain team members access to specific IPM functions depending on their work requirements. Access to IPM Mobility is also easily customisable so you can give more or less access to team members later on if their jobs or requirements change.

Mobilise site diaries and daily reports so employees on site can update site information, delivery details, job progress, change requests and orders, incidents and weather all from their iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry. You can also give site personnel access to RFIs, risks, issues and any other function IPM offers. The information entered into the app is integrated with the main IPM database, so everyone on the team is working from the same page.

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