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Intacct Fixed Asset Software

Advanced Functionality

Fixed asset software

Fixed asset software merges with core financial management functions in a complete, flexible, and automated asset management system.


Visibility and flexibility


A single system

Easily manage the complete asset lifecycle within a single integrated fixed-asset management software system.

Faster closes

Eliminate manual effort and accelerate monthly closes

Lower your risk

Increase control of your fixed assets and reduce risk by tracking them in a cloud financial-management system

See your assets

Improve decision-making with dimensional visibility into your business

Comprehensive fixed asset and financial management platform

Sage Intacct fixed asset and financial management platform accelerates and simplifies accurate accounting throughout the entire fixed asset management lifecycle. You work with a single set of asset-acquisition, depreciation, and disposal information that’s automatically shared with the general ledgeraccounts payable and purchasing.

It’s easy to gain control of fixed assets

Sage Intacct fixed-assets software enables you to centrally manage and safeguard your business’s fixed assets. That means easier tracking and reporting of asset information including condition, insurance status, and maintenance logs—even after a disaster—thanks to world-class security, cloud backups, and disaster recovery.


Track accounting and tax depreciation

Sage Intacct fixed asset software lets you easily maintain separate tax and accounting books and automatically record different depreciation methods for asset categories. Use straight-line and reducing-balance for accounting, or MACRS for tax depreciation—or create your own schedules.

Better reporting, better visibility, better decisions

Tag fixed assets with dimensions to track how costs are distributed by location, department, project, and more. Then, clearly report book values using visual dashboards and reports.



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Bay County Medical Care Facility - case study

Automation increases productivity by 50%, slashes monthly close by 90% and achieved 50% gross margin improvement for Bay County Medical Care Facility.
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USA Fencing - case study

Learn how USA Fencing increased productivity through streamlined processes, curring their month-end reporting period in half and establishing a healthy asset balance.
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Fixed asset data sheet

Take control of the complete asset lifecycle with deep, dimensional visibility in a complete, flexible, automated system.
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Mike Regulski, Finance Director
Bay County Medical Care Facility

By streamlining purchasing, Sage Intacct has freed up my time, so I can learn more about how best to use the software and focus on training our supervisors. In fact, I’ve shifted 70% more of my effort into the financials themselves, as well as important projects like preparing our first-ever comprehensive facility-wide fixed asset inventory.