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eTakeoff Dimension

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eTakeoff Dimension is a complete electronic viewer and takeoff software solution for estimators across all construction disciplines.

44% of estimating software buyers list digital takeoff atop on their list for functionality.

This software quickens the pace of accurate takeoffs with sophisticated assemblies. There is a patented symbol search for auto counting, innovative work breakdown capabilities as well as cutting edge database technology. Thrive’s implementation tailors this solution to best fit your business. eTakeoff Dimension is so geared to simplify how estimators work, even Dodge Data & Analytics selected our Basic version for use in its plan rooms.

Reliable eTakeoff Software

Less time on multiple measurements and calculations: Think of a wall. Why spend the time taking off the studs, insulation, and other items separately? Look for takeoff software with assemblies that combine all the parts of a building component, so you can take everything off in one step.
Easy identification of drawing changes: It can be difficult to keep up with all the design changes that occur during a project. Takeoff software should allow you to clearly see the differences between existing and revised drawings, making it much easier to perform a new takeoff.
Simplified counting:Fixtures, fire alarms, door types. There are many commonitems in a set of plans. Autocount (also called pattern or symbol search) is the quickest way to take them off. Essentially auto counting searches plans and generates a count on any item you select.

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