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manufacturing software solutions


Companies within the Distribution industry require software systems that will provide comprehensive tracking of products from warehouse to delivery.

Solutions specifically for Wholesale distribution

Distribution companies have a hard task. Ultimately they need to balance inventory, forecasting, and logistics processes with sales, customer service, and everything in between. Thrive provides a solution that streamlines this process.

How we can help

Improve Customer Service

Keep your warehouse and road crew connected with simplified mobile technology. Know where your stock is and when it is due for delivery.

Inventory Management

Take your inventory stock management to the next level and track your deliveries so you never leave a customer waiting again. Know when you need to reorder to ensure you prevent a shortfall.

Move Away From Spreadsheets

For distributors still using spreadsheets and homegrown databases, getting answers is hard. We change this. By having a software system that gives you a single source of truth, you can have better visibility of stock levels, profit margins and cashflow.

Improve Visibility

Improve visibility across the supply chain to ensure accountability for all stakeholders—from suppliers to customers. Know where your stock is, how much you have, and how much cash is caught up in stock that isn't moving.

Ramp Up Profit

Using a distribution-specific software system, you can make better purchasing decisions. You are also able to manage supplier quality and performance, thus make more informed spending decisions in the future.

Empower Your Team

Empower a mobile sales team by providing visibility into customers, stocks, past purchases, quotes, and promotions through any connected device on site. This allows your staff to make more informed decisions and empower better negotiations with customers.