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Core Cloud Systems

Core Cloud electronic Forms

Core Cloud Systems. Create all your forms electronically, in a single place for all your mobile business processes.

Core Cloud Systems is a powerful, mobile development platform for creating electronic forms and applications providing a single environment for all mobile business processing.

Electronic forms and applications can be created for accounting, project management, operations, payroll, human resources and other corporate services. Best of all, CCS integrates seamlessly with Sage 300 CRE.

With Core Cloud Systems for Sage 300 CRE, you can turn your existing paper forms into electronic forms; deploy, distribute and collect them from any device, even integrate to your existing accounting, project management and content management systems.

Reliable Mobile Development Software


Forms Wizard

The Forms Wizard is an easy, five-step process. Companies have the ability to recreate existing business forms in a mobile or web environment. By creating question-and-answer form types, companies are able to control the information gathered using the Core Cloud Systems mobile app and portal. For quick deployment, use one of the 9 most frequently employed pre-designed forms. Forms integrate with TimberScan and flow seamlessly into Sage 300 CRE.


CCS Reporting offers dynamic visibility of form data. Form questions can be used as column headings in the CCS Reporting feature. The user can run reports on select forms, specify column layouts, filter, and sort data, and save searches for easy access from the dashboard. The Reporting feature updates and changes in real-time as forms are edited, approved, and submitted.

Document Folder

Mobile Content Management offers a user-friendly folder structure to store and manage forms, as well as any other corporate files. Forms can be configured to auto-file using form data to populate the folder name and document description. Corporate folder structures can also be built to house corporate files. Simply upload files from existing network locations, or ‘drag and drop’ the document into CCS mobile folders.

Automatic Routing

Workflow offers companies the ability to route live forms to both internal and external users. A form can be routed on-the-fly by selecting specific users for route, or by predefined routing groups or business processes. When CCS Workflow is enabled, users are notified by customized emails with hyperlinks that bring end users directly into the live form. Workflows and approvals can be built prior to integration with TimberScan, or utilize existing workflows.
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Task Management

From any question on any form, companies can apply a task button to generate action items that track and manage incidents. These tasks can be assigned to both internal and external users. Tasks can be set for open, pending, or closed status, as well as managed by priority status of normal, urgent, and critical.

Key Benefits

1. Time and money are saved by digitizing existing paper forms
2. Information is shared easily with employees, customers, and contractors with our innovative Portal Platform
3. Seamless integration with Sage 300 CRE

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