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BuilderMT Sales Pricing

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See your profit margin on every house before you approved the contract, and manage the information exchange between production and front-end sales with BuilderMT Sales Pricing.

Using BuilderMT Sales Pricing to create retail sales prices, your back office and sales people can now share this information. The purchasing department will know the costs and detail and the sales office will know the retail sales price.

It provides information such as land inventory, buyer contact details, contract information, community information, and community-specific models and options retail pricing. This eliminates unnecessary duplication of data entry and provides an integrated workflow between departments.

Simplifying the task of generating sales prices for various plans and options by region or sub-division, the software streamlines the process of calculating pricing. Working with pricing work-sheets, you’re able to establish the sales price of each plan or option and mark up costs by a percentage or by setting a market value.

As a management analysis tool, Sales Pricing eliminates the need to maintain a separate sales price spreadsheet or database and can be used to play what-if scenarios for future pricing.

Reliable Purchasing Software


Models/options retail price book


Create land sub-divisions


Profitability analysis


Updates to sales system

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