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Avid Ratings GoTour

Avid Ratings Go Tour Builder Virtual tour software

Avid Ratings GoTour Software

Go Tour builders virtual tour software allows you to present a virtual tour of your designs to a client to provide a fully immersible experience.

Avid Ratings’ GoTour software is one of the virtual reality choices currently on the market. It essentially enables the builder to present a home with a range of options to the client, who can then approve or suggest different ideas before ground has even been broken.

“GoTour illuminates all the features in a home and provides information, videos and manufacturer information that normally gets ignored,” says Avid Ratings’ founder Paul Cardis.

The OnSite aspect of the app allows homebuyers to take a self-guided tour of model homes through their smartphones or through a builder-provided iPad. OnSite uses scanning technology to pick up radio frequencies from transmitters placed in strategic locations throughout a home.

These frequencies work on proximity, so when a buyer gets near an appliance, fixture, or other feature where a transmitter has been placed, they can view a video or see specific options.

For example, when buyers walk into the kitchen, they immediately receive traditional and smart options that fit the builder’s budget.

Enhanced features in this newer iteration of GoTour software are aimed squarely at builders and bridge the gap between the builder and buyer. The goal is to make the entire home buying process more convenient.

One of the stellar parts of this builders virtual tour software is the ability to filter our designs/options that your company does not offer. Having this ability reduces the Houzz-effect, where buyers see a design feature and demand it when the builder doesn’t offer it.

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