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Today’s marketplace is changing quickly and you need to be ready to change with it.

Today’s marketplace is changing quickly and you need to be ready to change with it.

Avid Ratings GoSurvey exposes genuine opportunities for improving customer experience within your company.

GoSurvey generates a report on your AvidCX dashboard revealing your score against competitive benchmarks and customer experience trends. It also highlights recurring events so you can take action when needed. These reports automatically update with each new survey and you’ll even be able to identify and proactively reach out to dissatisfied customers.

GoSurvey can also be integrated with your GoTours to assess their impact on customer engagement. Premium testimonials can be automatically shared via GoSocial.

GoSurvey is the key to unlocking the proven AvidCX system: Engage, Measure, Market and Win.

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Construction Process:

Designed as an early warning system, this survey determines if your customers’ expectations are being met.

Move In Experience

By collecting historical data, this survey allows you to compare past and present performance. One month after closing, homeowners are asked about every aspect of their experience from the sales process to referral intentions and everything in between.

Warranty (Mid-Year)

Your costs can escalate without a solid service program. This survey focuses specifically on the performance of your service program while the buyer is living in the home.

Year End & Retroactive Survey

These surveys are conducted after closing and are the industry’s most effective measures available of long-term happiness and loyalty.

Sales Prospect Feedback

Captures prompt feedback from prospective customers who have visited your sales centers or model homes, asking them to evaluate their experience and define their purchasing intentions.

Trade Partner Feedback

Because attitudes can have a lasting effect on productivity, this survey identifies possible issues that may be affecting the relationship between your business and your trade/supplier partners.


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