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Assignar Estimating Software

Together with Assignar Workflow Management Software, Thrive can help you schedule crews and equipment, manage compliance, and monitor progress from a single platform.

Put your resources to work. Efficiently schedule the best crew and equipment for each task to become more productive. Track and manage each field worker and the equipment with Assignar Workflow Management Software.

Assignar was built to open communications between the office and field. Communicate to your crews about any actions, issues or incidents as they happen through the Assignar app. Thrive will help you facilitate this connection and make it a seamless, daily and efficient task.

Schedule and track crews and equipment faster
Assignar’s all-in-one platform allows contractors to get more productive with efficient drag and drop scheduling. Allocate the best crews and equipment for the job more efficiently with the Assignar platform and mobile app.

Improve quality and safety
Assignar operations platform is built for contractors to share safety policies, collect safety forms, and manage orientations before the start of every project

Built for office & field
Open communication between the office and field. Communicate to your crews about any actions, issues or incidents as they happen through the Assignar app.

Monitor your progress
The Assignar platform connects your data into one solution giving you and your team instant access to the status of every worker or equipment’s qualification, certification, compliance, and availability.

Easy to use
Assignar’s cloud-based platform feels as familiar as using a whiteboard or spreadsheet. Our modern office and field app will feel like second nature within days.

Reliable Workflow management Software


Workforce Management

Everyone compliant, on every project.
Manage compliance, training, qualifications, certificates, and availability with Assignar’s workforce management software.

Asset Management

Keep your equipment in service.
Increase fleet utilization, track maintenance, keep records of compliance and activities with Assignar’s equipment management software.

Manage Subcontractors

Integrate subbiess into your operations.
Make sure your subcontractors operate at the standard you do with Assignar’s subcontractor management software.

Scheduling Calendar

Schedule crews and equipment to multiple projects.
Make sure your crews are at the right job site, at the right time, with the right resources and documents.

Health And Safety

Build a culture of safety and quality.
Implement safety and quality systems on the job site with Assignar’s safety management software.

Form Development

Gain job site visibility with digital forms.
Get all information from the job site in real-time, and act faster to prevent costly errors with Assignar’s construction digital forms.

Timesheets and Dockets

Track crew time on projects.
Real-time construction timesheets and tickets to automate payroll and invoicing. Eliminate timesheet fraud and reduce admin labour.

Field Communication

Know what’s actually happening on the job site.
Real-time communication with the entire workforce just got easy. Reduce phone calls and costly errors.

Site Diary

Combat labor shortage with efficiency.
Utilize crews and equipment more efficiently with the scheduling calendar. Bulk allocate resources to projects to decrease downtime.

Real Time Reports

Real-time reporting and analytics.
Take control of your construction operations with customized real-time reports and analytics. Make informed decisions without extra admin.

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