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Estimating for Builders: No more Paper Plans + More Work Done

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Estimating for Builders: No more Paper Plans + More Work Done

It’s amazing how technology has changed the age-old art of Estimating. And it’s Sage 300 CRE Estimating that’s changing the game.

The days of Slide Rulers and pencils are gone – manually scaling each dimension, measuring each point, counting quantities, lengths, areas, transferring the numbers to your estimate and calculating the total.

I remember making sure everything was completed so nothing was missed. Always having to check it carefully too, as errors cost big money.

Drawings for Estimating have gone paperless electronic and there are great advantages. The horse and buggy era for estimating is over and that’s damn good for revenue.

As drawings move to paperless if you want to take-off quantities from a plan all you have to do is make minor adjustments to a soft copy, save it on your computer and open up the On Screen Take-off window.

This lets you take off dimensions and quantities with ease and in real time. This is a perfect example of the real, measurable benefits from automation – taking over all those tedious manual activities.

To put this in perspective we have seen contractors who boast a 50% increase in their work throughput just because they have gone paperless – they can do twice the number of quotes and have twice the amount in the pipeline.

You can use your Take-Off application as a stand alone product, integrate it with Microsoft Excel® or use it in conjunction with Sage 300 CRE Estimating.

There comes a point when we must ask ourselves. Why stick with the old, slow, familiar way when it no longer makes sense?

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