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Benefits Of An Integrated Construction Payroll Solution

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Benefits Of An Integrated Construction Payroll Solution

Have you got a large labour workforce and much of your cost is in on site labour? Integration is the key to streamlining information and avoiding unnecessary work.

It is crucial to make sure that you integrate job payroll information with your projects. The reason being that iIf you have a separate Payroll system you may have to enter the times twice to do your Job Costing.

This erodes labour hours and hinders productivity.

With a Construction Payroll solution, not only do you get resources paid but at the same time, your job costing is done. This is a combination of tasks that saves considerable man hours.

It doesn’t just stop there, with an Integrated Payroll  system you get many additional benefits

  • Verify the job and Cost Code on data entry
  • Choose how you want to cost labour
  • Send your labour costs and charges to cost plus billing
  • Calculate your on costs and burdens

We run by the attitude at Thrive of: Do it once and do it right.

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