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Connect your Homebuilder systems with BuilderMT


Connect your Homebuilder systems with BuilderMT

BuilderMT is the leader in technology for the Homebuilding industry.

These modules that you see are specially designed for the Homebuilding industry. From your estimating system, you can automatically create and send your Purchase Orders. BuilderMT Purchasing enables you to store suppliers pricing by Sales or Building Area and so as soon as the production estimate is received, purchasing knows what supplier pricing to apply and creates the orders.

If you send out Request for Quotes for all of your jobs, you can use Bids to send out the information to Trades and Suppliers, select the preferred suppliers and send out your Orders. You can also use this feature to update your prices by area. Once a Job is won, we transfer the estimate and the purchase orders to the Job Costing system.

Now we have all the costs, we create Models and Options for our House Types. From the estimate, we bring in a template or job, automatically cost it and save it as a Model. Options can be base estimates or assemblies that are available for each House Type.

Once we have our Models and Options we can then use Sales Pricing to determine the selling prices by area from the cost up by adding margins or entering prices.

The selling prices can then be published to the salespeople and they can use them in CRM to do quotes or via sales estimating and back to CRM.

Now let’s go back to BuilderMT Scheduling. The Scheduling and purchasing system are linked so that if a schedule moves out the suppliers are notified.

The job scheduling and purchasing information is now available on the web-based Builder Portal where supervisors can update jobs, see documents, send emails and create VPO’. On the Cost side, budgets are sent to Job Costs and Order values updated for Po’s and VPO’s. Trades can log in and see their orders, Request for Quotes, Schedules and all of the Job Documentation.

All of this time we are posting actual costs against the Budget and sending out Progress Claims in the Sage Construction Job Costing system. So you know exactly where you are on a job at any time.

You also have up to date financial information at your fingertips. And when you have finished the Job, warranty management is used for claims. Because we know what trade did every piece of work on the job we can automatically create work orders for warranty.

Lastly, why is it important to have the whole business connected to one system? Because we want one version of the truth and everybody using the same connected system.

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