At Thrive we offer powerful, comprehensive Payroll and HR solutions to complement the broader business operations.

Our Payroll solutions deliver:

  • Efficient and accurate payroll processing designed with automated processes and logical, effective workflows.
  • Increased productivity outside of the office by empowering your employees with self-service portals and mobile access.
  • Comprehensive HR capabilities. Manage your employee lifecycle and WHS compliance.
  • Award interpretation removes the need for manual calculations and ensuring compliant award payments.
  • Compliant with the latest legislation.  Our solutions stay up-to-date with the latest local legislation and regulations.
  • Flexible reporting to easily create reports for key business decisions.
  • General ledger integrates with your accounting software to easily share data between your systems.
  • Streamlined superannuation processing to meet your superannuation obligations.

  • Flexible Payroll

  • Award Interpreters

  • Timesheet Imports

  • Employee Portals

  • Payroll for Job Cost

  • Accounts Integration