The task of takeoff is the most time consuming and error-prone part of construction cost estimating. eTakeoff Dimension is so geared to simplify how estimators work.

The eTakeoff Dimension software quickens the pace of accurate takeoffs with sophisticated assemblies, a patented symbol search for auto counting, innovative work breakdown capabilities, cutting edge database technology, and more.

eTakeoff is a leading construction quantity takeoff software, including technology that tightly integrates the takeoff and estimating process.

  • Improve takeoff speed, productivity, and accuracy

    • Become up to 15 times more productive than when using paper or manual takeoff methods.
    • Have more time to analyse estimates and take on additional tenders without increasing staffing.
    • Measure to the millimetre to take any guesstimates out of your tenders.
    • Easily highlight what you’ve already taken off to avoid potential mistakes and unforeseen project costs due to omissions.
  • Create a dynamic workflow between takeoff and cost estimating

    • Use eTakeoff Bridge to automatically send takeoff quantities to your Sage estimate.
    • Transition from digitiser takeoff process to a fully automated and integrated takeoff methodology.
    • Automatically update the estimate with drawing changes while retaining estimate detail such as pricing and productivity factors.
    • Drill down from within an Estimating Assembly to find the drawing and supporting measurement in eTakeoff Dimension