TimberScan accounting software automates every aspect of the accounts payable process, including data entry, approvals, and reporting.

TimberScan office automation software for Sage 300 CRE Construction automates every aspect of the accounts payable process, including data entry, approvals, and reporting.
Eliminate manual-processing risks, and end the relentless paper-chase that hampers timely invoice approval.

TimberScan accounting software can automatically route invoices to the appropriate approver based on your business rules. Also boasting an exceptional reporting engine TimberScan will significantly improve your company’s efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, your bottom line.


small icon Enhanced Productivity

With TimberScan’s sophisticated batch-scanning software there is no need to manually code, categorize, name, and route every invoice.

small icon More Control

Invoice details, along with all supporting documentation, are accessible within TimberScan.

small icon Full Visibility

Reports can be run from TimberScan that show all costs associated with a job or company, including those still in the approval process, or already posted to Sage 300 Construction.

small icon Pain-Free Implementation

TimberScan seamlessly integrates with Sage 300 Construction, invoices coded and approved in TimberScan automatically flow into Sage 300 CRE Construction.

small icon Ease of Use

TimberScan has a modern interface that is user friendly and quick to navigate.

small icon Secure Data

Automatic routing rules in TimberScan accounting and invoicing software are easily defined and modified, allowing every action and invoice to be tracked with a detailed audit trail for users in the workflow process.

small icon Content Management Capabilities

Advanced Image Management (AIM) is a comprehensive content management solution that enables users to acquire, index, search, categorise, route, and retrieve documents of any type from all departments– not just those related to accounts payable within TimberScan.

small icon Smart Investment

TimberScan gives you a paperless experience that frees resources, including time and costs, to help keep your business on the path to success.

timberscan accounting software

Timberscan Acquire Image

Acquire Invoice and Documents View


Timberscan Invoice Approver view

Approval Invoice View


Timberscan dashboard

Dashboard View


Timberscan Invoice Documents

Invoice Documents View


                        Timberscan Introduction                                   AIM (Advanced Image Management) Demo


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