Giving supervisors and trades access to important job information in the field.

BuilderMT Builder Portal allows anyone who needs access to job information to view and manage it via a centralised web portal.  Project Managers, Supervisors, Executives, Owners, Trades, Vendors and Suppliers have access to all project information across all of their projects. 

  • Scheduling and notifications
  • Auto-purchase order approvals
  • Insurance dates
  • Document management
  • Daily job / task management
  • Customise dashboards / alerts
  • Bid / Solicitation (Tender) Management
  • Field VPO process
  • Job reporting
  • Collaborate “real-time” between WMS, trades 



small icon For Supervisors and Trades

small icon Update Tasks and Activities

small icon View Job Documents and Drawings

small icon Approve Purchase Orders

small icon Create Variation Purchase Orders

small icon Collaboration with all Job Contacts


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 buildermt builder portal super dashboard

Builder Portal Supers View


 builder mt trade dash view

Builder Portal Trades View


  buildermt builder portal mobile

Builder Portal Mobile