Technology is revolutionising the way Project Managers work.

How to Manage Your Projects More Effectively


In partnership with IPM, Thrive Technologies is hosting a webinar on 20th February 2018 on how to manage your projects more effectively.

We will show how to see the critical information you need on a job with a click of a button in Outlook. Powerful and effective Project Management through IPM, a leader in Project Management software systems to the Building industry.



  • Control the Costs on your Projects
  • Give your Project Managers all of the Tools they need on the Job site
  • Managing your Project Documents
  • Site Operations
  • Microsoft Office Integration


About IPM


IPM is a next generation Project Management Software suite that provides a scalable solution with all the functionality needed to meet the requirements of today’s busy project manager.

Presented through Microsoft Outlook or a Web Browser with seamless on to mail and calendar services with day to day operations, IPM puts project management squarely where project staff spends most of their time.



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