The Trade Portal function of Builder Portal gives trades/subcontractors and vendor’s access to a cloud-based application which provides flexible, interactive, real-time communications between trades and the Builder’s staff.

Builder Portal: Bridging the Gap between Supervisors and Trades


In this webinar, Thrive Technologies covered the Supervisors and Trades view of Builder Portal. We will show how Supervisors and Suppliers can immediately access and update critical information relating to their job. View/update schedules and download documents onsite with any changes instantly visible back at head office.

Thrive Technologies, together with BuilderMT, presents a series of webinars to give you an overview of their powerful tools set to revolutionise the industry. See how you can increase your prospect visibility and your sales.


What's in this Webinar:

  • How to Setup Purchasing and Scheduling
  • Learn what information is published to the portal
  • Have a look at the supervisor portal view
  • Have a look at the trade portal view

Great Communication Tool for Trades and Builder’s Staff


BuilderMT’s Builder Portal comes with a Trade Dashboard View wherein trade-specific information like bid requests and quotations, schedules, payments, purchase orders, documents and notifications are easily accessed. With this view, changes made by the supervisor is directly communicated to trades taking away the hassle of sending emails, phone calls, or performing downloads.

Effective communication is crucial in successfully completing any construction project. Good communication improves teamwork and leads to better collaboration among the departments. Poor communication can result in misunderstandings, delays and problems down the road.

With a tool like Builder Portal, Trades and Supervisors have a centralised system where they can conveniently access job details. Not only does it save time but it also prevents any miscommunication between trades and supers, duplication of work, or worse, lost information critical to invoicing and budgeting.

Highlights of the Trade Dashboard View in Builder Portal:

  • Follows recommended user-access security best practices.
  • Maintain current communication between Builders and trades with message board KPI’s allows the Builder to determine the important data they want to communicate to the Trade/Supplier in a graphical format.

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