Building customer relations is very important especially in the highly competitive Home Building industry. Your business’ success depends on your team’s reputation for meeting project deadlines and quality control.

CRM for Home Builders


With a CRM and sales management system, your staff is able to communicate with customers and immediately relay concerns to respective departments. Thus, effectively managing their expectations and fulfilling satisfaction where needed.

Thrive Technologies, together with BuilderMT, presents a series of webinars to give you an overview of their powerful tools set to revolutionise the industry. See how you can increase your prospect visibility and your sales.

What's in this Webinar:

  • Learn how you can track your leads and prospects from your Website and Display Homes
  • Learn how to set defined follow up tasks for the sales team
  • Learn how to interpret and monitor sales pipeline
  • Learn how to create Sales Quotes in CRM and send them to prospects
  • Learn how to create Sales Contracts and use Docusign
  • See the Customer Portal for clients and Colour Selections

Importance of CRM and Sales Management in Construction

Basically, CRM tools help in streamlining principal areas of customer engagement including setting appointments, managing contacts, handling customer service and monitoring marketing campaigns.

The construction industry is a competitive field. Clients can easily shop around and pick and choose contractors. Information is easily available online, which makes reputation management crucial. Stand out from the competition by providing your customers the best experience they can get.

With the right CRM, builders are able to track projects effectively and perform all the necessary paperwork and documentation on one platform. CRM tools help contractors with document control. It reduces the time spent on document creation and sharing.

Much like in Builder Portal, builders have the information right at their fingertips. You don’t need to consult different departments, look into a bunch of files, or make hundreds of phone calls just to get what you need. Everything is synched and organised in one database.

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