Digital Habits change the way people buy homes

Welcome to the digital age for homebuilders! Did you know that 96% of Homebuyers use the Internet to shop for homes?

NAR reports revealed that buyers aged 18-45 use the internet to search for a new homes [source] Wouldn’t it be good to leave a lasting impression on prospects in the most crucial part of the buying process – the research phase?

Avid Ratings, one of the largest full-service customer satisfaction and reputation management technology firms, throughout US and Canada is now coming to Australia through Thrive Technologies. Avid Ratings  have worked with top performing homebuilders and renovators across North America since 1992. Avid Ratings is set to provide Australian homebuilders the competitive edge they need to reach and impress their prospects.


Homebuyers Going Digital


In 2017, statistics show that about 17.19 million Australians access the internet through their mobile devices. In 2022, this figure is projected to increase to 19.27 million [source]. While Australia  has embraced technology and the digital age, many home builders are still using the traditional route when it comes to marketing their homes.

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National Association of Realtors – Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 2013


Authenticity is the key to selling to today’s market. “Buyers want to be able to buy homes the way they buy everything else and live how they’re living in the digital world. And as builders, we need to find a way to get there” said Paul Cardis of Avid Ratings. Consumers need to be able access information through their phones and computers so they can make that sensible buying decisions.

So what does this mean for homebuilders? Builders should be able to

1.) Foster genuine conversation with their prospects and encourage public reviews of your offerings

2.) Make it easy for buyers to access and share information with their friends


According to NAHB Research, there are 7 crucial things home buyers are looking for when looking for homes.

  1. Photo Galleries
  2. Interactive Floorplans
  3. Virtual Tours
  4. Review and Testimonials
  5. Videos
  6. Mobile-Friendly Website
  7. Social Media Presence


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Customers want to set their expectations accordingly which is why most of them are looking for photos, videos, interactive floorplans, and virtual tours. It also makes it easier for buyers to add a personal touch in the plan so that the home fits their taste and personality.

Social Media presence establishes the company’s authenticity. Customer reviews is another major factor considered by home buyers. Nielsen Ratings identified that reviews are the 2nd most trusted source behind actual referrals. The more people expressing a positive experience with your company, the higher chances you have converting prospects.


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Avid Ratings helps you provide clients with the best experience by incorporating all crucial factors customers look for in a homebuilder. Plus, homebuilders are able to get accurate insights on what their customers feel about your service.


Avid Ratings


Avid Ratings has 3 tools that when combined together makes the most powerful customer engagement tool there is.

GoTour – Lets your customers and prospects experience the Home in Virtual Reality.

GoSurvey – Reveal your score against competitive benchmarks and highlight any negative events to ensure your ratings are high.

GoSocial – Ensure your reviews are shared on a full range of social channels.

These tools work together to ensure you meet customers’ expectations and satisfy their every need.

We are launching a webinar series soon to give home builders an in-depth overview of Avid Ratings’ powerhouse tools with Paul Cardis, founder of Avid Ratings. If you would like to here how you can be part of the Homebuildong Digital Age, CLICK HERE to reserve an early bird slot or email us at

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